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Big Dawg Football Inc. doesn't just believe that sports can make a positive impact on a young person's life. We put that belief into practice.


Training and hosting football camps for athletes across all economic and social levels, the common denominator of success and motivation was football.


That's right. Football!


Big Dawg Football Inc. is dedicated to our mission: molding the character and skills of student-athletes through community sports outreach.


What type of student-athletes? Our primary focus are the BIG DAWGS! The guys and girls that go to work in the "trenches", defensive tackles, defensive ends, & linebackers.


With defensive line and pass rush specialist Coach Arpedge Rolle at the helm, we are seriously expanding our efforts in the next 5 years.


You'll see us taking our Big Dawg Training Camps to many schools and youth sports organizations locally and nationwide.


Want to see a Big Dawg Training Camp at your school, facility, or organization? Request your camp here!


And our football program isn't just for student-athletes!


The football coaches that work with our Big Dawgs on a daily and/or seasonal basis are a huge part of our success story, and we plan to offer football coaches' education through classroom and online/virtual clinics and seminars. Coaches will also have the option to work side-by-side with us and volunteer at our training camps.


What about academics? Academic success is the fundamental core of being a student-athlete. We will encourage academic success, good character, and accountability by providing community based resources, motivational speakers, parent liaisons, life coaches, and in the future, a physical study hall.