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Big Dawg Trench Talk Podcast Episode 8: Are You Big Enough To Play Defensive Line? | Podcast Hosted By Coach Arpedge Rolle of Five Star Linemen Academy.

Check Out Big Dawg Trench Talk Podcast Episode 8: Are You Big Enough To Play Defensive Line? Hosted By Coach Arpedge Rolle. Available For Download @ iTunes, Google Play Music, & Spotify.


What's up Big Dawg. This is Coach Rolle at Five Star Lineman Academy and we here with another episode of Big Dawg Trench Talk. Big Dawg, I tell you what. It was a excellent weekend this weekend for me. I got a chance to watch my Big Dawgs play in the trenches. Shout out to all my college Big Dawgs that's out there doing your thing, man. Applied the technique we worked on and off season. Truly, I can see it pan out. One down, many more to go. Catch it back by its toe. If he hollers, squeeze it more but you bet not let it go. I'm just playing man. Nice work baby.

Man, I'm equally excited for week one NFL football. I got some more Big Dawgs I know for a fact they've been putting that work in. They had an excellent off-season, a fantastic pre-season, and we finally approach the season. I look forward to watching my Big Dawgs play one game, one series, and one play at a time. Big Dawg, you know what? Before we get into the thick of today, I just wanna talk to you for a second. I just wanna share something I've been thinking about and something I've been reflecting on as I've been talking to my Big Dawgs, preparing them mentally, psychologically, for the season and even doing a little reflecting after their first game.

As a young man for me, I was around football a lot. My dad was a football coach. He was also a track coach. He played lot of football as well. He was a wide receiver, as well as a running back. He played in the NFL as a receiver. I also have an older brother who played football. He was also a running back. He was also very, very good. Ended up going to Texas A&M. So growing up for me, I watched my older brother play a lot with my dad. I would be on the sidelines with my dad at these high school games and watching the crowd go crazy as my brother scoring these touchdowns and playing good defense. I also watched them play a little college football.

And that definitely turned me on to football. I wanted to be like my dad. I wanted to be like my brother as they were successful in the game of football. And here I was, this little boy trying to figure out what I'm looking at. So that turned me on to watching the game of football. I watched football a lot. Because of the way I was developing, wasn't look like I was gonna be a running back and definitely not a wide receiver. I wasn't fast enough, neither did I have the stamina to run that long that many times. Something about that just was not sitting right in my soul. So I kept soul searching.

So I'm watching the game more, watching TV, watching college games on TV. And when I say TV, I ain't talking about the flat screen TV. I'm talking about these big old gigantic, big ol' huge box TVs that take up half your room with antennas on 'em. And the knobs where you might be able to get six channels on 'em on a good day and don't let you get a good channel but it's staticky and now you gotta smack it in the right spot a couple times to get some kind of clarity. Shoot. Now I realize how I learned to club. I learned how to use my hands slapping that TV. Bop, bop. Come on TV, I can't see.

And don't let the knob fall off. Oh lord, the knob done fell off. How am I supposed to turn the channel? Now I'm stuck watching the same channel and it's staticky and I'm slapping it, clubbing that thing and it still ain't clear. Now I gotta go get the pliers. Now I'm turning the channel with the pliers trying to watch some football. And don't let you miss the game, you gotta wait until the game come on again. I didn't have those boxes where you can set it to record and you just watch it when you get home. Nah, you better be home when it come on because if you get home late and you turn that TV on, bop, bop, it be gone. Game is over and you watching the clock tick zero, zero. You done missed it. You wasn't home. There it go.